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Lemon water

[one_half last=”yes” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]Top 5 reasons to start your day with Lemon Water
1. Lemons are filled with vitamins and minerals, vitamins C, B- complex and calcium, iron, magnesium potassium, Fiber!
2. Cleans and Aid in Digestion. Helps clean your system by increasing the function of the liver. Aids in digestion by moving the bowls and reducing heart burn and bloating.
3. Reduces pain. Lemons help reduces uric acid which reduces inflammation that causes pain and discomfort.
4. Helps to give an energy boost better than caffeine especial in the afternoon because of the Vitamins and minerals. Lemon s are refreshing and have cresting. They also help to calm the mind and help with depression.
5. Helps keep the viral infections away! With all the minerals and vitamins and the anti-inflammation it simulates your immune system.

Now how much should you drink?
For people over 155 pound of use a Whole lemon slices the lemon and place the slices in room temperate water and refill throughout the day. You should drink half your body Wight in oz. IE: 200pound person should drink close to 100 oz of water a day one lemon is all you need. This is about 6 to 7 regular 16.9oz bottled water! Please remember to recycle if you are using plastic better to glass to stainless steel.[/fusion_text][/one_half]

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